Sweet touch of Heaven – at Oslo S

We where a group of 7 people (22 nd of April 2015), that just shared the love of God and prayed for those who wanted to receive healing. And lots of people wanted it! 🙂

We split into 3 teams, me and Marte, where together and just within 1 hour, we had prayed for 12 people … And all of those who could test their healing out, where totally fine or at least better. I don´t think we where rejected by anyone we approached … but that is not always the case.

In the video, you will be watching some of the healings that took place …

Unfortunately, the other two teams, didn´t record very much … but they had some really good experiences as well as we had 🙂

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  1. Sååååå bra! Ja, ved tegn og under kommer vi til tro! Stå på videre i Jesus Navn!

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