Simultanousely healing and bruised hand healed!

I took Pascal with me out on the streets to pray for people. For him, it was the first time. He was saved a year ago. We prayed for 11 persons and saw 9 of them healed… and one partly healed. On his nightshift, (few hours after we had been out on the streets) Pascal got the opportunity to pray for one person who fell to the ground, because of sudden and severe pain in his back… Pascal prayed for him and he got totally healed to this mans great amazement … today we gonna pray for a mother to one of his colleague…. This video is the second of few videos from that day with Pascal….

Posted on 5. oktober 2015, in Historier om bl.a helbredelser, You tube video. Bookmark the permalink. Legg igjen en kommentar.

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