What about those who are not healed?

For nearly 5 years I have had chronic pain in my head/face, and tried several different medications (no help) and received lots of prayer, STILL I will continue pray for others and never give up my own miracle.
Listen to what Reinhard Bonnke is writing:
«Many churchmen and medical doctors have opposed divine healing. They have made much of those who are «disappointed» and who are not immediately healed. They have conveniently forgotten that doctors disappoint millions. Nearly everyone in the graveyard has been to a doctor first, yet nobody would be so foolish to demand the closing of all hospitals! Some church folk object to divine healing simply because some are not healed, and so do not minister to the sick at all. This leaves everybody unhealed! Where is compassion, or obedience to the Scriptures? Jesus clearly said “they shall lay hands upon the sick and the sick will be healed.” (Mark 16) Let’s obey His word. Let’s trust Jesus.»

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