Bruised shoulder, immobility – pain free and he lifts his arm!

And his ankle is healed as well. It was really painful, but Jesus took the pain away… but the most amazing thing was what happened with his shoulder.  (SCROLL FURTHER DOWN TO SEE THE VIDEO)

We where just sitting on a bench outside at Furuset center in the nice weather, chatting about many things, but mostly about his previous job … We didn´t talk about faith at all. He didn´t mention anything about his physical condition, until  long time into our conversation, so I wasn´t thinking about prayer. I just wanted to have a good talk with this guy and being kind. And we had a really good tone and enjoyed the company.

I thought to myself, that this was not coincident? A long positive introduction… building trust, and a kind of a «friendship»… but at same time I was  a little bit scared or not scared, but uncertain to ask, because he was swearing so much. May be he will refuse my offering. Or even worse, reject me, and the whole chat has been spoiled! … That last thought, where fortunately gone after few seconds 🙂

But away with my assumption and also prejudice (if I was influenced by that) … He believes in Jesus, and has always believed in Him. He is praying to him every evening, and he is standing up for Jesus in front of his friends at the bar … he tells me.

Jesus is loving this man so much. And he felt it so incredible today. He was amazed! He was surprised. He was touched, almost to tears. He said, it was not coincident that I sat next to him and started to talk with him. I just said; «Nice with a beer in the sun?» 😉

You can see the video, of his healing. He allowed me to record it, but didn´t want to have his face appear in the film. (I apologize for my english is not perfect)


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  1. Symptoms of a torn rotator cuff include tenderness and soreness in the shoulder when using the shoulder. If the tendon has ruptured, you may not be able to raise the arm at all. It may be hard to sleep lying on that side. You may feel pain when pressure is put on the shoulder.

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