God´s Kingdom amongst dancers

After we had seen a lot of healings at Egertorget, me and my friend jumped into a group of dancers. They had their pause, so I thought we could take advantage of it and ask if any of them had any injuries they would love to have removed? So we started with one. He had a stiff ligament under his left knee, which made it difficult to go into a split. He tried first, and after prayer he was in almost shock, because he could do a split without hurt and with full elasticity. The other guy was healed in his back. The healings drew the attention from the whole group towards us, so a lot of them where engaged around us, and suddenly several of them needed prayer. And here is what happened:

At Egertorget earlier the same day: One girl with scoliosis was healed of pain in her back to her big surprise. And her leg grew out. She was really touched by God. A teenager who was very fascinated by evolution, Darwinism…. he was healed of back pain. I encouraged him (and his friends) to study the life of Jesus, who is the perfect picture of who God is. Another group of teenagers said they didn`t have any physical problems, so I asked if we could just pray for them so they could experience the presence of God. They allowed us to do it, so we did. They didn´t feel very much. But after sharing some healing stories they started to ask questions, and suddenly one of them said he had some pain in his thigh. I just wanted to prove the power of God, and get them to realize what power we have in of the Name of Jesus, so I asked one of his friends to pray for him. He did, but repeated after me, and the pain left? They were fascinated and probably quite surprised.

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