Healings in bible school class at OKS

I was real fun to be with the students at Oslo Christian Center.  They were so open to what I had to say about «healing». They enjoyed it, and I enjoyed it! 🙂

I did the teaching as practical as possible, and after two session where I encouraged them to be part of what God is calling every believer to, we had some demonstration of God`s power. John Wimber, the founder of the Vineyard movement, would call it «clinic time». Thats what we had. I demonstrated and modeled how we can pray for physical healing. I did it first, then the student that got healed, prayed for a another student, which also got healed etc…… they were excited when they saw God move and heal in midts of their eyes. Several of the students got healed, also after the class. It was fun! I guess fun is a great virtue in the Kingdom of God. In the video below you will see and hear some of the  things God did in the classroom.

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