«Occult activity» gone, healed and higher income!

In April we where invited to come to a shoe-store, because they experienced some kind of a spiritual activity in one of their rooms. We first prayed for the employees , and they all where healed of pain and stiff muscles. Then we cleansed the room. We where invited to come back in september, and we came, and she had brought 4 other people that wanted prayer. We prayed for them all.

One with chronic neuropathic pain in his hands where healed, one with asthma felt her breathing problem where gone, one with neck problem where healed of pain…

We where told that they haven´t experienced any «spiritual activity» in the room since we where there in April.

We where also told that the shoe-store went very well… since we where there last time and anointed the it.

You can watch this video, where she get`s healed of arthritis.


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