I am so blessed!

One week from now I will be sitting in a plane, heading towards Australia! Yeah! 🙂 I love it!

I have been so blessed lately. A person in my church felt he should bless me in a special way, but he didn`t know how. So he asked his wife, if she knew anything I needed. She told him what she had read in a post I send to a Facebook group, a couple of weeks ago, that I would like to borrow or buy a video camera. He didn´t know about it, so last Saturday he took me to town and bought me a new one. Panasonic DMC – G7K with extern mic. images-1

It is such a nice camera. I love it. And I gonna take a lot of pictures and make a lot of films I will put out here, but also on my travel blog; http://www.reismedaslak.wordpress.com. Please follow me. It will be great, and God is gonna do marvelous things 🙂

I will have a great vacation, adventures, but also teaching, training students at YWAM base near Whitsunday island. And I will take them out on the streets, ehh … I mean beach, and pray for people… lead people to Christ. I will also do that when I get opportunities while I am traveling around.

So, again… follow my blogs! 🙂

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