Out for a walk in Eilat – two women got healed!

I am just out for a walk in this beautiful place Eilat. It is pretty warm evening to be in November. Climate is perfect, i love it, so what is better than do an evening walk for the sake of health and wellness.

Then these two ladies (in the picture) that was sitting on a bench gave me a wink, like their were interested to say something to me… I responded, because I often take it as an opportunity to share Jesus with people.  One of the ladies also had one crutch laying besides her, so I was thinking; «What a good opportunity to share Gods power and love with them».  So, I did. I asked the lady what had happened to her leg. «The bone was broken» she said. I explained briefly what I see and what I do. And how I do it when I pray for people. I told them that I lay hands on people and speak some few words, and then ask them to check it out. The lady with one crutch allowed me to pray, and the pain went down from 7 to 3 (on the scale from 0-10, where ten is worse) She felt she needed a more quite place, to receive full healing. To many cars and to much noice around. I respect her in that. I don`t care how much noise or chaos it is around me, when I pray for healing. Perhaps God doesn`t care ether … haha 🙂


The other lady had pain and stiffness in her shoulder. So I put my hands on her shoulder and prayed. The pain went down! Yeah God! They were both amazed, but actually I think the backpacker sitting next to them was even more. She was a younger israeli. She said she found it fascinating and interesting. But, unfortunately she had to go. Someone came in a car to pick her up.

After this I jumped into a bunch of Norwegian, bible school students from Grimstad 🙂

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