When pain moves around in the body!

We where a group of 9 person on the street in Oslo today praying for people. It was sunny, but cold, almost as we where freezing to death…. Despite suffering  🙂 we enjoyed praying for people an seeing the Kingdom of God expanded. 

It was lot of counseling to people. Before we went out, we where seeking God, and several of us got the impression that God wants to heal up broken hearted and set people free from bad habits. That is why Jesus came, to heal and set free – restore our fellowship with God the loving Father.

But we saw also some physical healing today; one muslim guy, his leg grew out and his back pain moved further down to his knee before it went out off his foot, and he was free of pain after 3-4 times of  prayer 🙂 Weird and a bit strange.

We experience this phenomena from time to time, that pain moves to different parts of their bodies – (I would not speculate why this happens, but I have my theory)

One person was better in his arm after prayer. Another got her back healed and legs straighten out. One person with pain in his skin because of hot water thrown on it experienced ease of pain …..


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